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The family court system can be confusing, intimidating and – above all – time consuming. For many people, high-priced legal representation is not an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There are options, and low-cost legal help and document preparation can give you the edge you need. We know the system, so you don’t have to. While making the decision to pursue legal action can be difficult and emotional, we at Law For All understand what you’re going through. We are committed to finding the best solutions for your family law matter and can provide you with the opportunity to effectively establish the best resolution affordably.

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Many people need assistance with legal help

Family Court can be complicated and scary to navigate. So many people that can’t afford an attorney either push off dealing with their family issue, or try to do it themselves, but just get frustrated and give up. Choosing to push it off or simply give up can be devastating to your child custody, child support or any family law matter and can follow you for the rest of your life. So its important to do something about it, fast and effectively.

Representing yourself can be simple

If you can’t afford an attorney and/or are simply overwhelmed with your family law issue. No worries, we are here to assist you in navigating you through this tough maze and help you with your requested forms to get you the resolution you’re seeking.

About Law For All

who-we-areLaw For All is dedicated to providing affordable, professional, competent and efficient legal document services.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and welcoming environment for consumers who feel overwhelmed with their family law issue.

How We Can Help

helpLaw For All has a network of professionals who have years of experience in family court document preparation, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service and responding quickly and effectively to all customer needs.

It’s About Trust

trust-usLaw For All provides a safe and secure site. We stay on the cutting edge to ensure we have all safety protocols to keep client information private. We do not share your information in any way (other than as is expressly necessary to resolve your case).

Staff Testimonials



Michael Vazquez,  
Case Manager Director

“I love the fact that we are changing peoples lives for the better everyday. We are empowering clients in helping them take charge through our assistance. The expertise and knowledge our legal professionals provide is priceless and makes this tough process much easier to navigate.”


Phil Requist,

“Going through my divorce was devastating and super complicated. I tried using an attorney and after a couple of years, and thousands of dollars later, my divorce wasn’t finalized. I then found Law For All and utilized their (our) services to get it done. I was so impressed with their document services that I joined the team. Now I can help others going through the same issues.”


Joseph Warren,  
Case Evaluator Director

“We understand the family law system and how intimidating it can be. We listen intently to our clients to ensure we are providing the assistance they are requesting and are in need of so their matter can get resolved quickly and successfully. We love helping people take charge to their desired family resolution.”

About Us

Law For All is a legal document services provider. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and welcoming environment and effective solutions for those who feel overwhelmed with their family law matter. Law For All provides a high level of customer service and responds quickly and effectively to all customer needs through its network of legal professionals and knowledgeable staff.

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