Core Values

Core Values


As a legal document services organization, Law For All is committed to assisting those navigating the family court system who are not able to afford an attorney. We understand how overwhelming and stressful family legal issues can be. Going it alone is not only scary, it can also be devastating if you don’t know how to prepare properly for family law case.  By combining extensive research with a team of highly trained family law experts, we have created a system that makes the process of starting or responding to a family court action easy and affordable.

Company Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating a working environment and culture that values employees and clients. We are committed to utilizing all the latest technology available to provide outstanding service. Our team of seasoned professionals are experts in their field and up-to-date on all the latest family law rules, regulations, and laws.

Core Values

Compassion: We are committed to compassionate customer care.

Integrity: We honor our commitments and always do the right thing.

Trust: Open communication and transparency are our trademarks.

Privacy: We take all precautions necessary to protect the privacy and security of our clients.

Results: We will deliver accurate and timely document preparation and service.

Adaptability: We embrace change, and are always willing to evolve and innovate.

About Us

Law For All is a legal document services provider. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and welcoming environment and effective solutions for those who feel overwhelmed with their family law matter. Law For All provides a high level of customer service and responds quickly and effectively to all customer needs through its network of legal professionals and knowledgeable staff.

Contact Info

Law For All, LLC.
1120 Sycamore Ave. Suite D
Vista, CA 92081
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