Requesting Child Support

Requesting Child Support

In order to request a child support order from the court, you must already have a current family court case or be initiating a family court case. Generally speaking, child support orders can be issues as part of divorce proceeds, paternity proceedings, and – in some cases, as part of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.

If you are already a party in an ongoing family court case, then you can include your child support request in your initial petition, or as a follow-up request prior to finalization of your case.  If your family court case has already reached resolution, you can ask for a modification of the final orders at any time.

If you do not currently have an open case in front of the family court, you can request child support as part of your initial divorce or paternity petition, or as party of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order request.  In some cases, the courts will issue child support orders while a case is still ongoing, and those orders can also be modified as the case proceeds pending a change in circumstances or if additional information is provided to the courts.

If you and the other parent can come to an agreement regarding child support, you may submit your agreement to the court as part of a Stipulation for Child Support.  The court will take your request into account, and will most likely agree to your stipulation as long as the child support request can adequately provide for the care and wellbeing of the child.

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