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Law For All provides legal document services to those who cannot afford high attorney fees. Because we are a discounted service we do not appoint an attorney to make a physical appearance for you. Our customers represent themselves “pro-se”. We will provide adequate legal documents formatted for the appropriate proceedings. Our legal staff will assemble a professional document package to submit to the court. We also assist in court preparation and education of the processes to get you the best affordable results whether you are appearing or simply filing your documents.  The cost of our services will usually range from $400-$1000. We offer multiple payments plans to ensure that we are able to help as many potential customers in true need of family related legal service.

Law For All only prepares legal documents. No other legal services are covered. We make no promise or guarantee regarding the outcome of the matter upon which we are to assist you with. We specialize within a small niche of family related cases to keep your legal expenses at a minimum. Because our legal staff focuses on only like cases we are able to yield the best results for an exceptionally low cost. Law For All agrees to deliver your documents in a timely manner. Any emergency case or request for documents within 14 days are subject to a rush charge. Law For All shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations from the customer pertaining to the documents. Should inaccuracies be found in the documents that are determined to be the fault of Law For All, we will correct them or make the necessary modifications at no additional cost. If you feel it is imperative that you have an attorney present in court then we cannot assist you. We are not a government agency, nor are we related to the courts in any way. Our fees are for our service only and do not include filing, court or outside service fees.

About Us

Law For All is a legal document services provider. We pride ourselves on maintaining a warm and welcoming environment and effective solutions for those who feel overwhelmed with their family law matter. Law For All provides a high level of customer service and responds quickly and effectively to all customer needs through its network of legal professionals and knowledgeable staff.

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